About Xylem

Xylem had its beginnings in a design project sponsored by UNESCO in 1993. The aim was to make contemporary products of an international quality from Indian handmade paper. What we designed found immediate acceptance in paper stores and stationery departments worldwide.

Our strength lies in our access to India's wealth of interesting materials and craft techniques. We design, commission and sell handmade papers. We make stationery and papercraft products. We weave on handlooms with paper, paper yarn, and recycled materials. We also do custom invitations and gift packaging.

In recent years, we've gone beyond stationery, and have expanded our range to include decor, furnishings, art, lifestyle products, accessories, and other objects of visual interest, made from paper and all kinds of recycled and found materials. 

Though our main markets have been outside India, a selection of our products retails at the Rickshaw Recycle store, located in Delhi at the Yusuf Sarai Commercial Complex, near the National Institute of Fashion Technology. For the store, we've developed indigenous ranges on travel themes, and for festivities & events like Weddings, Diwali, Christmas and Rakhi.

The Xylem website has been conceived as a resource for designers, professionals, printers and businesses that are as fascinated by paper as we are. We will try to give access to our collections, and make them searchable, so that anyone can have fun putting together and selecting what they need for their projects and applications.

As a beginning, we intend to post our paper and pattern inventory in the Paper Finder section. The other modules will be taken up as we finish Paper Finder.